Big Daddys Seafood Market

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  3. Eeh, ada Festival Jepang lho di MBC Semarang 2011. Harus lihat ya di DP Mall & Java Mall 9-13 maret

  4. I’ll be there provided I get off work. Such a great area of the country, anyone going should stop by Mabry’s Mill if you’ve never been, it’s very close to the site of the festival area.

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  8. My brain hurts and feels good at the same time. what just happened??

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  11. If you are a blues fan then check out Blues Rules Crissier Festival in Switzerland! #fb

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  13. Ron, It is all about attitude. A trip to Costco is something to be looked forward to. The chance to see a 3-D TV display, the great snacks, the aisles of temptation of the latest gadgets, getting your ink cartridge refilled at the photo conter for ten bucks, getting a Kirkland dress shirt for $17 bucks, the fresh seafood, and puzzling out where they have moved things you need, it just cannot compare to ording online! Costco is just fun, and did I mention the snacks? I like Amazon and it even beat Costco on the price of my last flat screen, but you just can’t compare the two experiences–Costco rocks.

  14. wants wings and seafood -__- just don't feel like driving!

  15. Belakang seafood 1001 malam, sebrang farmer marketRT

  16. The cracklins were good actually, definitely not something I would eat everyday. It was the pig skin but it also had a layer of fat and meat with it too that they fried up. So it wasn't the same as pork rinds. It actually had some meat attached.

    The seafood down there is to die for, I can't even tell you how different seafood tastes in different parts of the country. I mean you simply don't eat seafood anywhere in the middle, I am from Kansas and the seafood there was AWFUL (great bbq tho!). But honestly the crawfish and shrimp was amazing!

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  18. Nasi uduk, ayam bakar, Bakmi ayam, Makanan dr tmpt undangan n abz makan seafood. Astaga naga perut kuu T^T

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  21. OnlyMelbourne: Fair Trade Festival & Market | Sunday May 16 Queen Vic Market –

  22. Fantastic! Go Todd! RT rel=”nofollow” I am now officially registered for the 2012 Walt Disney World Half Marathon – Woot!

  23. I got some of those Dole fruit bites at my Rock N Roll Philly half expo & post-half marathon. They’re not bad. What is your experience with BoMF? I’m looking into running part of their race weekend in Philly this July — There’s an 8.4 mile “Midnight Madness” run which I really want to do!

  24. Nice photos and videos.
    And you wrote alot of details about the festival and Tokyo's history. I was too lazy! 🙂

    All of what you wrote is accurate. How did you learn about it?

    (Does the Asakusa website translate the festival's name to “Tokyo Historical Festival”?
    I wrote the name of the festival in English as “Tokyo Era Festival”. It's my own translation (not official).
    I wrote it as that because the festival is ???????…and ???? means “Era”)

  25. Heh, I get the response and I appreciate the feedback. I’d like you to check out some of my previous videos and consider my playstyle. The build and every perk, weapon and so on were all requested from the subscribers and not what I would normally play as, myself. Typically I am using lightweight, sleight of hand, and marathon pro running full spring with an smg, concussion grenades and a tomahawk/frag. I have the footage to back that up and there’s some entertaining game play there. Sorry this wasn’t something you could fully get behind.

  26. La nuova edizione del Festival del Cinema Europeo di Lecce –

  27. Morning! Thinking a #CSI and #Fringe marathon today 🙂

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  31. Beogra?ani vole da kažu da je njihov grad svet, a postoje dani kad ta maksima zaista vredi. Beograd ?e priliku da se dokaže imati od 7. do 9. aprila, kada ?e se u njemu održati Share Conference, prvi svetski festival internetskog i društvenog aktivizma, novih medija i muzike.

  32. Lineup ufficiale e definitiva dell’Heineken Jammin Festival 2011