Big Daddys Seafood Market

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  1. one of my favorite moments, although not the direction I’m shooting for. “Nothing to report today, Judd!”

  2. that restaurant official twitter acc RT

  3. I thought free market worked? Should we force people to buy homes?.A home is an investment if you plan to stay in it. As it is lower costs means lower property taxes. Hmm….. LOWER TAXES!!!!! You should be happy.

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  5. Interesting that BYO wine is making inroads into the US restaurant market. It's been around for ages in Australia (first introduced to get around restrictive licensing laws, and then kept on as down-to-earth Australians refused to pay silly mark-ups for wine – at least that's the lore); and it does make the whole restaurant experince more pleasant/affordable.

    We moved to Sydney a couple of years ago from London, and we find that we go to restaurants much more often, partly because a restaurant meal with excellent wine doesn't break the bank.

  6. Wow I? just noticed how much spam and trolling there is in your vids' comments. I think its because your videos are popular and they just want to be seen, because in real life they live in their moms' basements. = sad trolls.

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  8. Mandarin! Yikes!!! Jorge, you have good reason not to like Mandarin.

    Here's a little published fact – and something the Mandarin restaurant chain doesn't want you to remember; a couple of years ago a Mandarin restaurant in North York was closed down for months because the Dept of Health found an unwanted ingredient in their food. What ingredient, you ask? Semen. Yes, really.

    Since then, I've never gone to ANY Mandarin restaurant.

  9. tyvärr, det här har blivit gammalt och är inte roligt längre.?

  10. In these photos Palin indeed looks different. Perhaps it is due to too many desserts and s’more meals? Ha ha

  11. Yeah if you really want to lose weight just? eat right and be active. I went from 215lbs to 174lbs by eating a little less / eating healthy and walking / running 🙂 🙂

  12. I want to go out for food and liquor…Mexican restaurant or something

  13. The day u stick up for me to one of your friends is the day ill know I love you.

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  17. Hi Wilson, actually the Princess restaurant I often blogged about and visited is not the Turandot Princess restaurant, it is the Princessa (or Princess) restaurant. We went to both the Turandot Princess restaurant at the Auezov Theatre and the Princessa restaurant and the Princessa restaurant is much much better than the Turandot one. You should check it out.

    The Princessa restaurant has a huge peacock at the entrance of the restaurant. It is near the junction of kirova and seifulina streets if I am not wrong.

  18. Happy birthday to two of my most favorite fellas in the whole world: