Big Daddys Seafood Market

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  1. 25 Tons of Bombs Wipe Afghan Town Off Map –

  2. nah its true because shes actually sueing was on the news? lmfao shes so ignorant smh

  3. Voice, you’re trying to steal my golden scepter of “Dogma!”It is MINE, I tell you, MINE!Oh, all right. They weren’t peanuts; they were roasted chick peas, roasted broad beans, walnuts, dried figs and cloves of garlic which they’d chew raw with great relish. I just thought that it’d be easier for Emms to draw the comedic parallels which he did.Spoil sport!

  4. Providing one’s own safety net, as suggested by Mr. Stuart, is of course the necessity. I didn’t intend to create the impression that my husband and I hadn’t done so. I continue to wonder, though:1) Can we improve the efficacy of those private nets in some way that benefits us all? 2) Does American society as a whole have a stake in educating its people about their options to protect themselves and their families?and if so, 3) Are we doing a good enough job?

  5. I would switch, except so much of my browsing experience depends on various add-ons that Chrome does not have. I keep waiting for Firefox to get upgraded or Chrome to get everything I want; whichever happens first depends which browser I’m using from then on.

  6. "Two wrongs don’t make a right, but Phoenix Wright is a pretty good defense lawyer, eh?"

  7. RT rel=”nofollow” rel=”nofollow” rel=”nofollow” governor ….she is evil…and I never use that word lightly…but she is evil / That whole bunch!

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  9. As a professor of community health, I see a trend in health policy discussions toward preventive medicine and public health, that hopefully will take hold in this country to buffer the effect of continued rising health care costs. Technological innovations, such as telehealth, have the capacity to bring preventive medicine to rural and underserved populations and reduce health care inequalities.

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  11. RT class=” ” Amazing image from Ground Zero last night