Big Daddys Seafood Market

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  1. I think it is passion and creativity. Both my sons were professional chefs. The oldest one choose a different carrier but the youngest one is still a chef and he can create the most simple meals and it taste as if you eat in a 5 star restaurant. I think I am a pretty good cook too, but I am not even 10 miles close to the cooking of my youngest one (this saying, I realize I am darn proud of him) 🙂

  2. I have found my convection oven to be a real boon. However, one of the benefits, reduced cooking time, can be difficult to deal with. Almost every recipe out there will list cooking times based on conventional ovens. So whenever I am faced with cooking something where a precise cooking time is required I use the conventional setting. Otherwise, I guess at the reduced cooking time and just start checking the progress early.

    When I am cooking complex dinners, I generally use the conventional settings so that I don't have to check on the oven all the time. But basically, when I can use the convection setting, I do.

  3. Members of a committee of the National Academy of Sciences met Thursday in this hurricane-hit city, seeking input on ways to better prepare the nation for major disasters even before they occur and blunting the enormous toll afterward.

  4. No I am not. This is not force. Stop conflating non-force with force. I don’t see why you are purposely trying to muddy the water here. If I don’t like my choices, I am free to start up my own bookstore. There is no force, so far, that can stop me.

  5. Three Best things in the World for me now: ): ): ): ): )

  6. did anyone see? him blow that alley oop dunk later that game so funny

  7. Swimming has severly magazines. Swimming World mag. is the main publication in the United States. It covers age group,college, and masters swimming.
    There are other publications out there as well.

    As for warm water…HECK NO! If people can learn to run,bike and race in hot water, then they can learn to swim in cold water.

    As a swimmer, there is nothing more annoying than trying to swim in hot water. Now, I will say this, if someone taking lessons, then they need warm water.

    But for swimming, practice or training, the water should be cold. If people don't like the cold, swim a little faster.

    I say “no” to warm water.


  8. i bet it took him many many tries? to hit all of those 😉 jk

  9. You should use distilled water in your steamer. While you can use tap water for a while, eventually the minerals will build up and clog the whole thing (Bissells are famous for this, so says my vacuum repair guy). So if you want your little machine to last a longer time, buy distilled water (not “spring”, not “drinking”, but distilled) and use it.

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  11. Cooking fried eggs to be placed on top of slices of toast with my grandmother is one of my most fond memories. I could walk to her house and she would always be happy to make eggs on toast at any hour of the day for me. Zarela’s Veracruz is one of my all-time favorite cookbooks! I haven’t seen the one you are giving away, but know I would love to have it.

  12. You dont like him making monney for what he loves ?

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