Big Daddys Seafood Market

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  2. MAN

  3. I love his recepies …
    I love his recepies…is like wow…im really without words…..I love’s one of my favs, since most of sea food comes from the Cost….im from Mazatlan, Sinaloa were the cost is so im pretty much lucky….. but reallly I love his recepies they are awesome..

  4. I Love How He …
    I Love How He Always Says “Can You Smell That?”

  5. You are? a top cook …
    You are? a top cook That looks good.?

  6. That looks good.
    That looks good.

  7. HAH!

  8. gosh, i love your …
    gosh, i love your voice. it’s so awesome LOL!
    i love the way the food looks too! it’s so sad that i’m allergic to shellfish 🙁

  9. why is this so …
    why is this so entertaining to watch!? *drool* yuuuuuummmm

  10. EPIC !!
    EPIC !!

  11. I can’t wait until …
    I can’t wait until SMELL-O-VISION is invented.

  12. @ww3x Unsalted …
    @ww3x Unsalted butter is sweet butter. Sweet as opposed to salty.. 🙂

  13. damn goooood baby!
    goooood baby!

  14. Pit Boys Rule! I …
    Pit Boys Rule! I wanna become one of you guys!

  15. You are a top cook
    You are a top cook

  16. that knife is were …
    that knife is were the flavor comes from duh ,,.. hehe

  17. im not a sissy , …
    im not a sissy , you boys can make me a plate using
    ol hickory anytime 🙂

  18. hey tsemoon, you …
    hey tsemoon, you don’t know much about knives now, do ya! But that’s why you’re here…to learn something, right? We’ll stick to our Old Hickory Carbon Steel 10″ Butcher. You stay with your ginzu! rofl -BBQ Pit Boys

  19. oh man, you have to …
    oh man, you have to take tetanus shot before going near that knife! Hey guys, SmokeRises and randy9937, we have to form a protest group against that knife..!!!!!

  20. hello in the …
    hello in the beginning u say unsalted butter but the nduring the video you say the taste of sweet butter i think please email me the correct answer

  21. heart attacks my ass
    heart attacks my ass

  22. You guys are the …
    You guys are the best i told you i would make this recipe and i did. It was soo great and delicious. I wish i was related to you guys.

  23. LOL the first vid i …
    LOL the first vid i saw about him was about cookin sea food it was rlly fnny

  24. Apologies accepted. …
    Apologies accepted…….although I’m freaking hungry right now.

  25. looks good
    looks good

  26. I tried this recipe and it was great. Using the grill gives this recipe a whole new flavor. I added a brushing of olive oil to the shrimp which kept the moist. Thanks for a great recipe.

    Debbie Bello

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