Crawfish Ravioli Seafood Recipe


This recipe is a great Cajun classic! If you love Italian food with a Cajun flare then THIS is what you are looking for! Pair it with our Easy Mardi Gras King Cake Knots Recipe for a full on Louisiana inspired feast! Make sure to keep checking back for more recipes and updates!


Crawfish Ravioli Seafood Recipe


This seafood recipe is one of my favorites! It is a flavorful dish that marries my two most favorite cuisines, Cajun and Italian. Living here in Louisiana, the crawfish are plentiful and always anticipated during fishing season. It is our favorite time of year when we get to whip up these crawfish seafood recipes in all sorts of variety! This is definitely one that will have you wishing crawfish were in season all year round!


Crawfish Ravioli




















Total Time: 45 min.


1/4cup margarine or 1/2 a stick of butter
1cup to 1 1/2cups of heavy whipping cream
1 sm yellow onion
1/2 of a large bell pepper
3 cloves of minced garlic
1 green onion chopped coarsely
Season to taste
Dash of nutmeg
1lb of cleaned crawfish tails
1 box breaded cheese ravioli (usually in the frozen food section) or 1 pack of fresh cheese ravioli
Parmesan cheese for garnish


Begin by preheat oven to the temperature marked on the breaded ravioli package. -OR- If you’re using fresh ravioli, bring salted water to a boil in a pot.
In a heavy bottom saucepan, melt your butter or margarine over a med heat. Add your bell pepper, onion, and garlic. Saute’ until the onions are clear in color. Add the crawfish tails and stir. Saute’ for approx 3-5min until tails begin to curl. Add your heavy whipping cream, seasoning and the nutmeg. Stir. Allow mixture to simmer for 10min over low to medium heat. While that simmers, boil fresh ravioli, or bake your breaded ravioli according to package directions.

If sauce seems to be too thin, you can use flour, or as a last resort, corn starch to thicken it up. The sauce should be thick in consistency similar to an Alfredo sauce.
Once the ravioli is ready to plate, check for consistency and seasoning one last time. (Remember not to exceed 15min crawfish cooking time. This may cause it to become tough.) Plate your ravioli in stacked circular pattern, ladeling crawfish cream sauce over ravioli. Garnish with chopped the green onion and parmesean cheese.

Sides recommended are garlic bread or maybe some homemade rolls. You may also try serving a green salad with a sweet onion dressing or vinegrette.



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