Spicy Lime Sauce for Grilled Meats & Seafood Recipe + Tutorial

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This sauce is very versatile and you can pair it with many grilled meats and seafood. Its similar to the lime sauce that usually accompany Marinated Beef with Lime Sauce (aka Beef Lok Lac). The base is the same with a few extra ingredients added on. Ive had it as dipping sauce as well where I simply grill some steak (un-seasoned), slice it thinly and wrap it in lettuce, cucumbers and fresh herbs then dunk it into the spicy lime sauce. DER-LICIOUS! 🙂

For written recipe visit: http://khatiya-korner.com/blog/2010/04/01/grilled-oysters-with-spicy-lime-sauce/

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  1. Thanks for …
    Thanks for uploading, getting the ratio of ingredients right is the hard part. I make a variation less the pepper, shalotts and cilantro but with 1-2 tsp fish sauce and reduce the salt accordingly to taste. Cambodia has some of the most wonderful sauces to accompany a meal.

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