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  1. I need help with info/sites on eating heart healthy.?
    This is sudden, i need to find out EVERYTHING i can ab out eating heart healthy.
    Perhaps some help with fats-poly?mono? trans?
    What about sodium? i need specifics, so if you know a website, pleaseeee lemme know! 🙂
    PS, i have already been to American Heart Association.

  2. Try google.
    References :


    I love the eat right site. As a Health Coach I use it to regularly. Also try:
    Even if you’re not diabetic they have some great info and guide lines we should all follow.
    Search Food and Nutrition. They have good info as well.
    Good luck. Make gradual changes in your diet and you are more likely to succeed in becoming healthier. Drastic changes may make you feel deprived and can be difficult to maintain. Remember, every day is a great day to start eating healthy. So don’t give up if you slip up.
    There is a cook book called Keep The Beat, Heart Healthy Recipes. I can email it too you if you think your email can handle it. It is a bit big. Like 147 pages or so. Its in Adobe PDF format.
    References :

  4. you have to be very careful about this. Many sites promote unproven and untested supplements and herbs.

    I strongly suggrest that you use a site that is consistent and reliable with the current scientific literature.

    I highly recommend Gabe Mirkin. I have reviewed his recommendations and he is very trustworthy with his recommnedations.

    good luck!
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  5. I know something that may help you. it is based around a rare botanical called a Mangosteen. it is grown in South East Asia and has many different medicinal benefits. This Fruit has decades of scientific studies and research that have been done from medical universities from around the world, best of all it either equals or out performs a lot of over the counter and prescription drugs that are within our reach. Most importantly
    It is a Natural Alternative to Medication and has worked for thousands of not millions of people go here to view all the information and make your opinion based on what you see and hear! look at the other sources are below. Please understand there are a lot of copycats out there like you find in places like Costco, Sam’s Club, and in health food stores these came out after our patented product was introduced to the marketplace so be careful those items will not work for you.
    References :

  6. Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine – Murray and Pizzorno
    Digestive Wellness – Elizabeth Lipski
    Let’s Get Well – Adelle Davis
    All discuss diet and health and give excellent info and advice.
    Good luck!
    References :

  7. Many in US No Longer Worry About Weight: Compared to 2010's survey, more people say their diets are healthy and …

  8. “As a Diocesan Church, we need to be intentional about making healthy and wise choices about our future.”

    “As a Diocesan Church, we need to be wise about making healthy and intentional choices about our future.”

    “As a Diocesan Church, we need to be making wise and healthy choices about our future intentions.”

    “As a wise Church, we need to be making intentional and healthy choices about our Diocesan future.”

    “As a healthy Church, we need to be wise and intentional about making choices about our Diocesan future.”

  9. Shellfish bonanza. I want to be on the beach, eating as much shellfish as I can stand. You could throw in a beer if you want

  10. What a beautiful kitchen. Several runners up shown too. Which one do you like best?

  11. I liked a

  12. The #Health Channel: 5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Women's Health Week: Healthy SELF: Health: #Healthy

  13. I had this problem very recently. Eating pretty much anything made me feel sick and I had a hard time with it. I finally went to the doctor and they told me I had wiped out all the “good bacteria” that helps with digestion. He recommended and since I started drinking it regularly I feel a lot better and I’ve been able to eat whatever I want pretty much. (I only drink 1/2 cup 2-3 times a day. :D)

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  15. Nirmala, the idea of using the yummy and completely healthy drumstick in a favourite food, vadai, is very healthy and wholesome. The right way to great health is by eating healthy and avoiding unhealthy snacks, and eating balanced and nutritious meals. Check out our blog at for expert tips on healthy eating habits.

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  17. eating a kiwi, blueberry, melon and apple fruit salad omnomnom

  18. 's middags is het time for Englisch dan natuurlijk ook iedereen succes #Engels #examen

  19. Patti, if you have switched from Pediatric care to Adult care, you might want to explore the Adult Congenital Heart Association. We're a group of adults who were born with Congenital Heart Defects and have survived to adulthood. As time passes, we're facing the same issues that arise when a person's heart begins to age… but from our unique situation. Our website is

    Adventures of a Funky Heart! Blog:

  20. I live in NYC and anyone who lives here takes mass transit and walks all the time, miles a day at a fast clip, plus up and down many flights of stairs. Even our elderly walk quite a bit and very few of them are obese. There is really no other way to get around in this city and, quite honestly, most of us really enjoy it.

  21. I am aware of that, and it’s coming to that point where I have to decide if it’s worth it to stick it out. It is heart wrenching to imagine him out of my life forever but people have to make that kind of choice every day. The thing with his drinking is that he doesn’t immediatley get ahitty, he is fine up until a point. He’ll be happy, talkative and loving, and then it’s like a switch goes off and he’s a different person.

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  28. Maybe instead of advocating either healthy in the home or healthy at school, they should look for a program that bridges the gap. In the schools in our district back home, they have after-school programs held in the evenings for parents and students to actively participate together. Maybe they should have those in more areas around the country. They could do cooking lessons at night for families. Families would be receiving healthy eating habits as well as learning to cook together and expand healthy lifestyles. Could make a difference.

  29. Hey all!

    My name is Nicolai, and I'm an American from Denmark.
    To me, a healthy lifestyle is more about mental well-being than physical.
    Sure, a healthy, fit body can lead to a state of mental greatness. But it doesn't ensure it. So i say: eat what you like and work off the excess energy if it bothers you.
    After all, a healthy mind in a healthy body is a good thing, but if trying to get a healthy body gives you an unhealthy mind, it's just not worth it.
    At least, that's how i see it 🙂

  30. I bookmarked this and thought I would share this with others at my blog. In particular, I like the reference to % heart rate reserve as a way to measure your heart rate max. I think so many people default to the easy calculation because the the % reserve number is just a little harder to figure out. It normally takes a trainer, or a heart rate monitor that actually can do assess the resting heart rate effectively and calculate the numbers for you.

  31. I have heard eating and drinking it is not that bad because it moves on through. What is the worst is breathing it since the particles lodge in the lung tissue and just continue to sit there and radiate the same cells.

  32. Happy sweet 17th

  33. Será que eu mato a natane agora ou depois?, mandei ela pedir uma pizza de frango e calabresa e ela me vem com uma de goiaba –', quer mais

  34. HR’s Health Update