How Do You Get Rid Of Fish And Seafood Ordors?

Fish And Seafood

Fish And Seafood Odors
Fish And Seafood Odors

I need to find out a home remendy on how to take seafood odor out of a room. This room is used everyday, that is right everyday for cooking fish and seafood. Is there something that I can use or put out everyday to keep this awful smell down?

While you are cooking, allow 3 tablespoons of vinegar combined with 2 cups of water to simmer in a saucepan by itself

Use a a slice of fresh apple in the cooking oil when frying fish. Replace the slice for each batch.

Add a cinnamon stick to the water when you boil shrimp.

Marinate fish and seafood covered in milk and lemon juice for an hour before cooking.

Make sure the room is properly ventilated.




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