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BP Oil Spill: Is The Seafood Really Safe? NRDC’S Gina Solomon: Where’s the Testing?

Doctors, researchers, scientists and citizens, like Dr. Solomon, are waging a silent battle against government agencies that are failing to fulfill their own organizational directives. As Project Gulf Impact gathers more firsthand accounts of how the Gulf of Mexico is being dangerously neglected, the situation in the Gulf grows worse. With new reports of oil washing onto shore and into the bayou, the numbers of affected life are increasing, not dropping. Several of our interviews have left us asking, why is organized, decisive action not being taken?

More information can be found in Dr. Solomon’s recent blog entries, linked below:

“Gulf Shrimp Testing: Is a Dozen Samples in 5000 Square Miles Enough to Reassure You?”

And “Six Months, Five Shrimp, and One Nasty Mess: Health & Seafood Safety Concerns from BP Spill Still Linger in Gulf Today”


Where she writes, “…the Federal government reopened 2,927 square miles of the Gulf to fishing and shrimping, just South of the Mississippi Delta. The Feds confirmed that the area was safe for shrimping by performing a “sniff test” for oil odors on five shrimp samples. They confirmed the sniff test with three composite samples of shrimp sent for chemical testing from an approximately 1,000 square mile area. No information was provided to the public on the size or location of the shrimping grounds or why so few chemical analyses were performed. This does not seem sufficient to assess the safety of the seafood coming out of the Gulf right now.”

Transcript of introduction:

“The seafood testing so far has been so frustrating because it has been so, really unscientific. It’s not that hard to do a basic seafood testing program. You go out and you figure out how many samples you need in order to have adequate statistical power to pick up a problem if it’s really out there, and then you go out and you do it. But what’s happening right now is this sort of sporadic, willy-nilly re-openings by different agencies, by state and federal government agencies, sometimes on the basis of really almost no testing results.”

Project Gulf Impact

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